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News of Yesteryear & Historic Williamsport is dedicated to educating and entertaining visitors of all ages with stories and illustrations of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and its surrounding towns.

Throughout the years, many interesting stories about the people and places of Williamsport and Northcentral Pennsylvania have been published. News of Yesteryear features articles and artwork by recent and historic newspaper reporters and photographers spanning the 200-year history of journalism in Lycoming County.

Some of the notable newspapers with origins in Williamsport are the Lycoming Gazette, the Gazette and Bulletin, the Williamsport Sun, and Grit. All of these newspapers have evolved into one, the Williamsport Sun-Gazette.

Arcadia History Series

These books are photographic narratives spanning Lycoming County, from Colonial occupation to modern day. They range from industrial heritage, to local history, to baseball and town legacies. Published by Arcadia, they offer a glimpse of small-town America through the lens of its local photographers.

by Robin Van Auken and Louis E. Hunsinger Jr.

Williamsport Bicentennial

These books celebrates the City of Williamsport’s Bicentennial. To honor this event, the Williamsport Sun-Gazette produced a three-volume, pictorial history. Most of the images within this series have never been published in book form. Primary resources for the series are the historic Grit, Williamsport Sun, Gazette and Bulletin and the Williamsport Sun-Gazette archives.

by Robin Van Auken and Louis E. Hunsinger Jr.

SUnday Grit

This book is a look through 100 years of Grit newspaper history. A Sunday morning staple as America’s favorite family newspaper, Grit was made possible by a Dietrick Lamade, a German immigrant and self-made man who settled in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The first year of Grit was one of adversity and uncertainty, but Lamade came up with innovative ideas, such as direct mail and newsboys throughout the nation that transformed it into a national institution. Now a bi-monthly, full-color glossy magazine that targets Rural American audiences, Grit remains a national treasure.

by Robin Van Auken

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